Friday, October 10, 2008


Welcome to our Wedding Blog! We are excited to share this time in our lives with all of you! Please keep checking back as we will be posting new information regularly....
**Finally Here!: Schedules and Menu
**More Updates to Come after the Wedding!

Schedule and Menu


(Reception will take place at Lakeshore Reception Center: 6200 Lakeshore Drive, Flora Vista, NM)
4:30-5:30 PM: Bridal Party takes pictures
5:30-6:00 PM: Announce Couple, Greet Guests
6:00-6:30 PM: Bridal Party leads to Buffet Dinner
6:30 PM: Cut Cake, Toasts, First Dances
7:00 PM: Dancing
8:00 PM: Bouquet toss, Garter, Depart for Durango
**Menu includes: Chipotle Grilled Pork Tenderloin w/ a Maple-Almond Butter Sauce, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Veggies, Chocolate-Smores Mousse and, of course, Cake!

Toasting Party:
(Toasting Party will take place at the Irish Embassy Pub: 900 Main Ave., Durango, CO)
9:00/9:15 PM (approx): Meet, Greet and Toast the Bride and Groom

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Welcome to our Wedding Blog! We are excited to share this time in our lives with all of you! Please keep checking back as we will be posting new information regularly....
**NEWLY POSTED: Gift Registries
NEWS TO COME: schedules, menus, and more

Gift Registries

It's taken a while to get this basic information listed, but it's better now than never, right? Without further Adieu, our Registry list:

We are registered at Macy's, Target and REI.

  • We decided Macy's would be best for Northern access and Target would be best for both.
  • We chose REI because we both love the outdoors so much and spend a lot of time in REI. :)
  • We were going to register at Dillards for Southern access, but thought that was getting a little out of hand. :) We've both lived alone and had our own places that we pretty much have what we need (except for kitchen ware, etc.)
  • After talking about all the landscaping we need to do at the house, we both regretted we hadn't just registered at Lowes. :) -lol-
Our favorite gift would be to have everyone celebrating with us at our reception, though we have to admit gifts celebrating our new life are nice too. :) We hope this helps. -Ree & G

**All registries can also be accessed online by clicking on each Store name/link above.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What to do in Durango?

Why Durango? This is the one question we receive the most. Durango, has always been the “getaway” destination for the two of us. As we both are outdoor enthusiasts, this small Colorado town is the doorway to a number of adventures that we hope that you will discover during your short stay here. There is so much to do here, that we hope that you too will come to love this town as we do….

To start, here is a link to a general list of activities that Durango has to offer:

To help narrow it down, here are some places worth checking out:

1 ) The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
Fun trip, but would recommend that you pair off in groups as it is a long day otherwise. Generally a 3 hour trip to Silverton, and 3 hours back. Some people split the trip, or leave a car in Silverton in order to drive back to Durango, to shorten the day.

2) Mesa Verde National Park
A small tour of the local Native American history.

3) Hiking
If you get the chance, go for it! A great way to spend a morning…here is the trail to Engineer Mountain, just outside Durango, where I proposed to Reann.
Engineer Mountain Guide Link 1 Engineer Mountain Guide Link 2
Remember, you are hiking to just under 13,000 feet… take your time.
Also Junction Creek Trail is my favorite in-town hike that parallels the Junction Creek River and is the beginning of the Colorado Trail.

4) Hot Springs: A definite must after an arduous day of hiking or sitting on your butt during a long train ride.
Trimble Hot Springs Located just 5 minutes north of Durango
Pagosa Hot Springs Most likely the best Hot Springs in the Southwest. If you have the time to travel about 45 minutes west of Durango, you wont be disappointed. Highly recommended. Also good place to bring your kids.

5) Adventures:
Sail Plane/Gliders : A way to see the Durango region from above
Zip Lining - Canopy Tours : A tree top zip lining adventure

6) Restaurants:
Steam Works : The best brewpub in all of Durango, known for their famous Cajun Broil which is AWSOME!.
East by Southwest : If your looking for sushi…
Cuckoos : Great place to watch a game with beer and wings
Mahogany Grille: One of the best, more formal restaurants, located in the Strater Hotel

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Engagement Photo-Funnies

Greg and I just had our engagement photos taken on Sunday and we were having so much fun, my sister Aslyn could barely get a decent shot! These turned out so great, I just had to share some of the bloopers from the cutting room floor. Enjoy. :)

Accommodations: for Out-of-Town Guests


As far as getting a hotel room in Durango, there are several we recommend that are close to downtown Main Street in Durango; the best place to be for restaurants and shopping.

(Please keep in mind: We have found that by going to , , or to book your room, the prices can be much more reasonable.)

The Doubletree Hotel is centrally located, right on the River AND just 2 blocks walking distance from Main Street in Durango. Also, it is located just off of College Dr., which is the street leading straight to the Fort Lewis McPherson Chapel. The Doubletree is our first choice in hotels as far as convenience, rooms and accommodation. We will be staying here. (we do have group rates/blocked rooms available at this hotel, but they are only for 20% off of the normal rate. Remember to check online for better room rates, before you commit.)

The Residence Inn is just around the corner from the Doubletree (about 1/4 mile), just out of easy walking distance of Main Street in Durango, but close enough to be centrally located and quiet. The Residence has some very nice suites available and their group rates are actually better than the Doubletree. (Group rates are available under the group: McManus/Stradling wedding. 5 one-suite rooms and 5 two-suite rooms are blocked out for us at this Hotel. They will only hold the rooms until October 1st. Let us know if more rooms are needed.)

The Hampton Inn is about 1 1/2 miles away from the Doubletree and downtown Durango. It's definitely not an easy walking distance from all the nice restaurants and shops of downtown Durango but you can always count on the Hampton Inn for nice comfortable rooms. (We do not have group rates at this hotel.)

(For Links to each hotel, click on the hotel name above)